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from ryanmercado on 05/26/2019 04:43 PM

EssentialKeto Try to keep a diary - there you will record your first impressions, personal achievements (daily weight, new loads on simulators, counting calories, etc.), recipes for new, low-calorie dishes. Stick their pictures of new things that you can wear when you lose weight - it stimulates well. If you have a like-minded partner with whom you will go to workouts, jog, share small victories, then it will be easier for you to go through the process of losing weight. Set yourself a specific date to which you must purchase new forms - birthday, vacation, long-awaited trip, etc. The power of a modern person is the balance of scales, on one side of which beauty and health, and on the other - an irresistible craving for sweets, which is called "sweetness". The sweet tooth diet is the only diet that helps to gain health without harming yourself in the love of sweets. On what only "feats" do not go women for the sake of a slim figure! The alluring image of a beautiful nymph who draws the imagination makes one try different diets, starvation, but the appearance of ordinary sweets can, at one moment, cross out many days of effort and reduce the entire effect to zero! The most insidious thing is that sweets can cause the development of the most dangerous diseases, including diabetes mellitus, and this is a problem not only for lovely ladies, but for all "sweet teeth" as a whole! And while ordinary people in the street lead a protracted war with a love of sweets, as a rule, all the same, being captured by them, pundits puzzled about how to defeat "sweet spirits". Having studied the "mechanism" of craving for sweets, scientists have concluded that the cause of all is a metabolic disorder, and the pancreas, which is actively producing insulin, only worsens the situation and contributes to the emergence of dependence on carbohydrates. Simply put, eating a bar of chocolate or a cake, a person gets a sharp release of insulin, which, being a source of glucose, delivers it to all cells of the body, causing a feeling of joy, cheerfulness, energy recovery. But such an uneven and spasmodic supply of glucose into the blood leads to the fact that the body simply does not know how to get rid of it and stores glucose in the form of body fat, thereby increasing weight, and also accumulating health problems.


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