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A new, compelling study brings great news for the earlier diagnosis of autism. A breakthrough study introduced a new system called LENA (Language Environment Analysis) – which is a digital language processor utilized with language analysis software.


The study of 232 autistic and non-autistic children was highly technical from an analytical standpoint, but the results were simply astounding. Using 12 acoustic parameters associated with vocal development, the U.S.-led research team was able to show that vocalizations of young autistic children are different than those of typically developing children with 86 percent accuracy.

The researchers realized that a child's ability to produce well-formed syllables is a key indicator in identifying autism. Infants show a voluntary ability to begin pronouncing syllables in the first months of life, and these skills sharpen as they acquire language. It is well within the bounds of vocalization analysis to determine with confidence whether or not a child may have autism by 18 months of age.

The autistic children in...

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Bayern Munich will have to make the most of their home advantage when they welcome to bet on La Liga leaders to the stadium where the final will be held in May.


Bayern Munich have been slightly off the pace domestically this season. They look as though they could take the German title down to the wire but need to forget about that for an evening and focus on taking a lead back to Spain with them for the second leg. Bayern have a number of key and experienced players in their side and are 17/10 with Boylesports and Stan James for the win.

Real Madrid will be going all out to secure a first leg advantage which will put them in the driving position. They have been having their best season domestically for years and look as though they will win the league despite some late pressure from Barcelona. Real Madrid have many key players who can win them the game in this first leg. They are slight second favourites at 7/4 with BetBubbles.

Bayern have shown in the

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Lots of us Aussies follow footy. The Australian Football League (AFL) and the National Rugby League (NRL) are two of the most popular leagues in Australia and New Zealand.


(The rest of the world don't know what they're missing out on!)

Every year, AFL tournaments, particularly, are major sports events catering not just to football enthusiasts but also to online bettors.

Online betting on the results of the AFL has become very popular. That is why footy tips have also become very much sought-after. So much so that even Fitzy's getting into it.

Footy tipping is a practice wherein experts nominate specific teams that they think would more likely win in an event.

The information is considered as an important guide for online betting especially to bettors who always want to make sure they would make winning bets online.

Modern footy tips are usually outcomes of tedious information gathering and modeling results. Aside from the knowledge and expertise of sports observers, artificial intelligence is also considered an important factor that comprises footy tips.

Sports betters should also lear...