Footy Tips: The What and Where

Written by carllaury on 15. March 2019 09:51 o'clock


Lots of us Aussies follow footy. The Australian Football League (AFL) and the National Rugby League (NRL) are two of the most popular leagues in Australia and New Zealand.


(The rest of the world don't know what they're missing out on!)

Every year, AFL tournaments, particularly, are major sports events catering not just to football enthusiasts but also to online bettors.

Online betting on the results of the AFL has become very popular. That is why footy tips have also become very much sought-after. So much so that even Fitzy's getting into it.

Footy tipping is a practice wherein experts nominate specific teams that they think would more likely win in an event.

The information is considered as an important guide for online betting especially to bettors who always want to make sure they would make winning bets online.

Modern footy tips are usually outcomes of tedious information gathering and modeling results. Aside from the knowledge and expertise of sports observers, artificial intelligence is also considered an important factor that comprises footy tips.

Sports betters should also learn to analyse and at the same time process data on the fly and not just fully rely on footy tipping.

Where to get such tips? Here are some recommended Websites.

The Website is run and operated by a small team, which consists of passionate football fans. For more than a decade, the site has been delivering one of the most reliable and trusted footy tipping services available online.

It continues to get better. Recently, was acquired by ESPN, the biggest sports media firm in the world. This development would not change any aspect of footy tipping that the Website is best known for.

Instead, ESPN is committed to provide additional resources for better and more reliable footy tips.

Visit Footy Tips
Footy Forecaster V5

This Website is obviously intended more for online betting followers, who need footy tips to bolster their chances of winning their bets. The tips are mostly generated through computerised predictions (mathematical models).

Aside from AFL and NRL, Footy Forecaster V5 also offers footy tips for the Super 15 and the US' National Football League. The online site even offers other resources like articles and feeds to help users come up with more informed sports betting decisions.

The Website could also be accessed through mobile devices through WAP.

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The Footy Tipster

If you prefer footy tips from a real fanatic of worldwide football, the Footy Tipster is for you. It provides free football betting tips and other important information you must know about AFL and other leagues. The Website is run and operated by only two people.

The main edge of this online site over all others is that its tips are more interactive and personal. You could be sure the tips have been generated through looking at history and through more in-depth analysis.

Visit Betbubbles fore more about AFL

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