The Prelude of Revolution-A Brief Introduction to Cartier ID ONE&TWO

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The Prelude of Revolution-A Brief Introduction to Cartier ID ONE&TWO

from yeyu525 on 05/29/2020 04:29 AM

"Give me the best lubrication oil and I will give you the best and precise watch," a very famous words in the 19th century, but back then, it was impossible to achieve that. what designers can do back then is to devise a more clever structure to improve the precision and functions. But no big breakthrough was made in terms of materials. In recent years, brands began focusing their interests in the new materials and we will also find the application of new materials in the conceptual watch and particularly, Cartier take the lead and produced the best lubrication oil, so the most precise watch is the Cartier ID ONE because it does not need to calibrate at all.


When hearing no-calibration, I could not understand what it means, and after I have read about the ID ONE, it suddenly daunt on me that here come a new revolution, a revolution on the materials. But right now, let acquaint us with those strange words: Carbon Crystal, Zérodur@DLC, niobium-titanium alloy, etc. Although you might have heard them, but you may not connect them with a watch, right?

And new let's have a look at what those new materials bring us. Balance wheel made of carbon crystal is light but hard and oscillates in a constant frequency. The escapements made of the carbon crystal will improve the quality and duration of escapement and integrated design can also avoid the following adjustments to some small accessories. What's more, the hairspring made of glass ceramics only takes up one fourth of the weight of traditional metal hairspring but greatly improve the performance on the resist the influence from the different temperature and magnetism. The very thing that we want to specially stress is the ADLC, the Amorphous diamond like carbon, can not only reduce the friction factor, but also self-lubricate. I mean, it can lubricate itself and thus completely get rid of lubricating oil.  aswisswatches


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