Back to school with enjoying $18 voucher for cheap rs gold on RSorder from Aug.26

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Back to school with enjoying $18 voucher for cheap rs gold on RSorder from Aug.26

from rs3gold5 on 08/23/2019 06:12 AM

This spot has its faults though. The sentry doesn cover everywhere. The top left rs gold area in this picture just left of the rocks(or just outside of the gate) is too far off the sentry range and is spammable. The area across where there a medium health+ammo pack is also outside of the sentry range. These two problems can be fixed with wrangling occasionally.


Hah. No they not. Only brainless twits think that. For one, this is not a F2P game. For another, if they never update their game, the playerbase will shrink and fewer people will buy it. Updating the game isn some gift that they give the players. It an investment made for future profits.
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