Final Fantasy XIV: How to get the Snowman mount

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The seasonal event "Starlight Celebration" of FINAL FANTASY XIV was held for about a week. Limited-time events celebrate the holiday season with festive activities and special rewards. Among the rewards is the Snowman Bell that can be used to call the actual Snowman Mount. Yes, it's great enough to hear it.


Getting this special holiday mount is actually pretty easy. All you need to do is complete the quest "Starlit Smile" which is part of the Starlight Celebration Event Quest Line. You must be Level 15 to participate in seasonal events starting with Amh Garanjy (Mih Khetto 's Amphitheatre) in Old Gridania.

The series of quests begins with "A Festive Fiasco". Now you need to clean up and deliver the misplaced ownermet. Next, you need to talk to some people and straighten the snowman for the "Starlight Slap Dashery". There are three more simple quests that you need to complete before you reach the "Starlit Smile" you need to get the Snowman Bell. This has two purposes.

Decorate the snowman.
Report to Amh Garanjy
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If you do this, you will receive a Snowman Bell. This item cannot be traded or sold. So the only way to get this item is to complete this quest. Also available only during the Starlight Celebration event, it will be available by Thursday, December 31, 2020 at 6:59 am PST.

Snowman Mount may return to next year's Starlight Celebration event, but there is no guarantee. Your safest bet is simply to complete the current quest.

Other holiday ffxiv items available during the Starlight Celebration event are furniture with a variety of themes, including snow-covered wood, unmelted ice dividers, and unmelted ice lofts. Fortunately, the snowman mount requires you to complete the quest to unlock it. All of these items can be purchased from Gil's merchant vendors.

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