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Fr, 18. Mai 18


Datum: Freitag, 18. Mai 2018

Uhrzeit: 12 Uhr


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Dear customers,Good news involves MapleStory 2 Mesos now! All products on successfully upgraded! We now very pleasant introducing you our new content of product, as our honored customer, we'd like you could take several of your time to look our site.Maplestory Mesos Upgrade: Fastest delivery, all mesos orders may be finished within 10-20 minutes right after you add order, our gamer will invest you in free market room 11, channel 12 inside your server.

As we now have biggest supplier out there, this guarantees our mesos lowest price around the world.Power leveling Upgrade: We enhanced desired level to 200, this means you could purchase any level array of power leveling on our site, and now we guarantee 100% security back, no ban.Equipment Upgrade: More equipment added on our site, therefore we speed up the delivery time, we promise each equipment order is usually finished with customer’s 100% satisfaction.Maplestory Account sales upgrade: We add special discount so long as you purchase maple account, when you also want to buy equipment or power leveling, our company offers 20% discount in your order. We appreciate your number of years supporting to , therefore we offer our heartly thank you for visiting our old customers and clients to purchase MS2 Mesos .

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