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You are very excited about this new shisha flavor you just got. You get the coals lit up and start with a big pull in. You were expecting an explosion of this unique exotic flavor, but surprisingly you are getting some flavors that you smoked earlier this week. You hurry up, change the water of the base, clean the hookah, and set up again for another go. Gosh, it's happening again. Many of the hookah lovers have gone through this weird experience. If you also had experienced it, continue reading this blog. You may find it informative and helpful.


Have you ever wondered why this happened in the first place? It is because, the channel through which the smoke travels, the hookah hose is caught up with the residue of previous sessions. If you take proper care of your hookah, the stem, base, and bowl can last for a very long time, but it is the hookah hose that needs to get replaced several times to make sure you have the best hookah smoking sessions. Well, the question is how to know it is time to swap it out. Don't panic; we are going to identify you three indicators that ask you to get a new one. Let's begin now.

A. Get a...

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Be it your first time or your hundredth, there are plenty of things to know about Hookahs! The hookah has an ancient history that is interesting enough to read about if you desire to know the real story behind it. Throughout the years, hookah use has been used in group settings for socialization and this is the basis of the following article. There are a few things you should know about the hookah vibe.
1. It's meant to be social. Smoking on your own may be relaxing and enjoyable, but it should not be a solo event every single time. Gather a group of three to five friends to experience a smoke session that is fun in a completely different way. Add a touch of music, comfy cushions, and some appetizers for a better scene. Take your hermit shell off and get out there (without having to actually leave the comfort of your house)!
2. Don't turn it into a routine. People lose interest in things that are routine because it's repetitive and boring. Don't let your hookah experiences turn into routine. Don't be afraid to try different types and flavors of tobacco. Make the room where you smoke into a personal space that comforts or motivate...
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Al Fakher is a stable shisha brand throughout the world due to their product consistency. They were the first to introduce new fruity flavors that did not produce a strong buzz, which was an overkill for new smokers and those looking for just a pleasant session. Al Fakher has a wide range of flavors that are easy to enjoy, smoke, and use. It is a great brand to start off with and it is also one that usually sticks with you in the future. It might not be the best shisha in the world, but it is one fine product that has stayed the same throughout the years. Featuring the same great taste and with the same cut and moisture level, many smokers have delighted in Al Fakher for some time now.
It is the shisha that you know will not disappoint; it is dependable and economical. Al Fakher is best smoked with an Egyptian or phunnel bowl. It is also crafted to be smoked wrapped with foil but at the end, your personal preferences will decide how and with what you will smoke your shisha. Overall, the most important advice may be the fact that you should not pack it too densely since the smoke is not meant to be strong or off-putting. With flavors r...
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The Fumari tobacco brand supplies over 30 flavors! Within that grand list, you are sure to find your favorites. The three Fumari tobacco flavors that are commonly seen on the Top Five list are Orange Cream, White Gummi Bear, and Spiced Chai. The Orange Cream is light, creamy and citrusy.

The White Gummi Bear is just like the white gummy bears snacks, light and sweet with a hint of pineapple. Spiced Chai is a cup of warm Chai but with added hints of clove and cinnamon. Fumari also covers most of your Hookah cravings, aside from their variety of flavors, by having moist and fresh shisha produced in small bundles.

The shisha comes in 100 gram packages, carefully sealed and recently packaged when ordered to retain the most freshness possible. This preserves the shisha´s flavor, strength and ultimately, makes your sessions last a lot longer.

Bigger packages are also available throughout the numerous retailors that sell and market Fumari online or in your local Hookah supply store.

Fumari's shisha is also well known for their incredible and smooth cloud production. The big clouds give you a breath of full fla...

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Along with newer flavors in the shisha and tobacco industry, Hookah bowls have also took a modern turn. Aside from the standard measurements, as in height and shape, Hookah bowls now come in a variety of makes and models. For example, there is a new tempered glass with silicone bowl from
Kaloud Samasaris called Vitria Bowl. Seen as a hybrid design, it gives an excellent physical aspect and evenly heats your tobacco throughout thanks to the new grooves. The newer Alpaca and Apple On Top bowls have also resulted in outstanding reviews. Apple On Top is a bit more unique in that it uses a coal tray on top of the bowl. It is more manipulative for those who enjoy messing around with their Hookah.


Hookah bowls are getting more innovated and interesting but the choice remains yours. Old timers may prefer to stick with the standard phunnel or Egyptian bowls and there is nothing wrong with that. The newer Hookah bowls offer better and more differentiating styles, while the classic ones give you reliability. All bowls should be packed appropriately and according to preferences. Using tin foil the right way may also help speed ...

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Hookah has become increasingly popular but not everyone is knowledgeable on what makes a smoking session exceptional. There are various parts to a Hookah but today we shall focus on the bowls. With so many bowls in the market, all with varying degrees of differences, beginners may have a hard time deciding which one to buy. Here is the thing, it is wise to have at least two Hookah bowls in stock. The most commonly found bowls are classified into the following categories: vortex, funnel, and Egyptian. For those who are looking for the least expensive, they most likely end up buying an Egyptian bowl.

They are essentially a good Hookah type bowl but they should not be used to smoke every type of shisha. They are a good starting bowl to learn how to pack correctly but should be used in combination with a more dry tobacco blend to prevent leakage. The top recommended bowl are the phunnel bowls. They allow for easier packing (if you buy the harmony type, which is a more level bowl than the ones cut at an angle) and keep all the shisha juices in place throughout the session. The phunnel bowls are also simpler to clean up afterwards. The...

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When did you last clean your hookah hose? Is it a couple of days back, or months back or you weren't aware that you should be cleaning the hose. Well, you are not alone. Many of the hookah lovers who love smoking hookah aren't well aware that even the hookah hose needs regular cleaning. Before we share how you can clean it, let's tell you why you need to keep it tidy.


Whenever you smoker, a layer of shisha gets accumulated in the hose which can deteriorate the
flavors of the next session. Suppose you smoke mint shisha first, then next day you are trying a
lemon tea flavor. Did you notice the lemon tea has a slight minty hint to it? That's the hose ruining your next session.
So, if you want to prevent your hookah flavors from getting mixed or changed, clean your hose.
One more thing; not all hoses are washable – there is a metallic lining which can get rusted when washed with water.
This tutorial should be used explicitly for your washable hose only. Now, let's clean our hookah hose.
Hookah Hose Cleaning Tutorial

Things You Will Need
Some orange juice (lemon juice will also do)...

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Hey! When was the first time you smoked a hookah? It must be at a friend's place or a hookah parlor. Right? So, why didn't you smoke at home? You could have enjoyed longer and more relaxed.
Not having enough money for the exclusive hookahs is one of the most common reasons why hookah lovers have to opt for group smoking sessions or hookah parlors. However, not having a branded hookah should never be roadblock on your way to ultimate retreat. We got an excellent solution for your Hookah issue. Why not make your own hookah out of a Coca-Cola bottle? This is a quick Hookah DIY Guide for you.
What Would You Need?
You would require the things listed right-below:
A big Coca-Cola bottle for the hookah body.
A smaller one for making a hose-port.
A soft-drink can for tobacco flask.
Plastic Hose.
A metal tube sizing ¾ of your hookah for the downstem.
Other things: glue gun, aluminum foil, cutter or saw and a drill.
It's Time to Make Hookah
Make an opening at the side of the bottle for your hose por...