Sony Receives DDoS Attack, John Smedley Threatened With Bomb Attack

Geschrieben von smrtsmith am 16. Mai 2018 12:02 Uhr


A gang of hackers referred to as Lizard Squad took down Sony's Online Network typically of the morning. They have also issued a reminder to the American Airlines that there were explosives into your carry-on that John Smedley was operating, effectively rerouting the plane to Phoenix, looking at the initial destination San Diego.
Here 's what Sony were forced to say regarding the DDoS attack:
"Like other major networks worldwide, the PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network POE Currency are already impacted by a shot to overwhelm our network with artificially high traffic.
Although it really is impacted your capability to access our network and get our services, no information that is personal has been accessed.
We will work towards fixing this problem and aspire to have our services working as soon as possible.
We regret any inconvenience this could have caused."
Luckily, SOE was just down for your better part from the morning, with Sony tweeting the Network service currently returning to the PS3 and PS Vita. However they do warn the network can be slower than usual on account of login issues.
As for that bomb threat, John Smedley's plane landed safely in Phoenix, with him tweeting that he's alright which nothing happened.
Xbox Live is under attack from the Lizard Squad, with Xbox 360 users struggling to login, but curiously enough Xbox One users not experiencing any problems. Additionally, Blizzard has additionally been attacked because of the squad, with taking some DDoS attacks, and League of Legends and Path of Exile also receiving DDoS attacks.
Damn this Lizard Squad, these are nothing but partypoopers and buzzkillers in my opinion. Why pinpoint the innocent gaming community? What do they get free from this?


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