AromaTherapy Body Massage in Delhi at Simran Spa

Written by simranspa on 13. November 2018 13:59 o'clock


AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE OF THE BODY OIL (45 minutes) will allow you to immerse yourself in the Oriental Scent Oasis and completely relax. Aromatherapy massage, which uses natural vegetable and essential oils, effectively relaxes or tones the tense muscles; eliminates insomnia, alleviates stress, provides spiritual and physical strength, improves the functioning of many body systems. It is an effective relaxing agent after a hard day of work, soothes the nervous system and reduces stress.
Aromatherapy is a natural therapy that supports the health and beauty, utilizing the chemical structure and energies of the herbal essential oils, including the application by inhalation, compression, bathing and other means. Vegetable oils are concentrated oils obtained from steam-distillation from aromatic plants. These essential oils are the oils which are very easily absorbed by the skin, which have very strong effects and should be used with caution, as opposed to other body oils usually used in daily life.

It is known that preventive health is based on strengthening the body in order to prevent diseases. You do not have to have a very specific complaint to benefit from aromatherapy. You can also use Aromaterapi to get rid of today's stressful life style and have a healthy spirit, body and mind power.

Each herbal oil has a specific function. Some essential oils relax, while others expel toxins. Aromatherapy combines the healing properties of essential oils with relaxing effect. Herbal oils, face and hair are applied to the whole body including various techniques.
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