How to Grow Your Business Online with SEO

Written by seocorporationusa on 12. June 2019 01:31 o'clock


SEO is beneficial for bringing more traffic to your website, as well as to attract quality leads, who are interested in your product, brand or service. While many top businesses prefer the best SEO Company to enhance their online growth, many start-ups and new business are not aware of how to implement SEO strategies to grow their business.


If you fall in the latter category, given below are some easy SEO tactics for you to start implementing them and getting the attention of search engine robots to position your company higher on the search results, as well as improving your website ranking:

1. Utilize Keywords

For guaranteed SEO optimization, utilizing keywords in an effective way is absolutely essential. You need to find out the right SEO keywords for your business. After finding the niche keywords, keyword groupings and keyword phrases, you must utilize them carefully throughout your website to improve your website ranking.

But don't go overboard with keyword usage. You might feel tempted to include as many short keywords or phrases as possible on your website. But overdoing it will do more harm to your website ranking, instead of improving your rank. Only make use of keywords strategically and target only long-tailed keywords to improve your chances of getting ranked higher on search engines.

2. Write Better Meta Descriptions

The Meta description is of just one or two line blurbs that appear on search engines under the clickable heading on the web pages. It is written just to give a brief description of your website or page. The length of the Meta description must be lengthened from 160 to 300 characters. If your Meta descriptions are longer than 300 characters, these are automatically truncated. So, it is best to keep the Meta description short and precise.

3. Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

Many people browse the internet on their Smartphones these days, rather than using a laptop or desktop. Therefore, it is best to make your website mobile responsive and user-friendly.

Websites that are not mobile responsive can fit in only the screen of your laptop or desktop. But it won't be able to work properly on a small screen of your Smartphone. The result is difficulty in navigation and not user-friendly on a Smartphone.

Moreover, search engines, such as Google, rank mobile-friendly websites higher compared to the ones that are not mobile-responsive.

4. Take Advantage of Google Business Listings

Make use of Google business listings like Google My Business to get higher rankings. Even SEO companies offering guaranteed SEO services recommend staying businesses active on Google Business Listings.

By listing your business means, it is listed on Google maps with proper company profile, directions, products and services, as well as your company's phone number, address, operation hours, images and customer reviews.

Even customer reviews are crucial for generating a positive brand image. It is important that your customers leave positive reviews on Google listings so that your new customers or potential customers feel secure about investing or purchasing your product or services.

5. Regularly Optimize and Produce Quality Content

It is important to include the right keywords in your titles, Meta descriptions, URLs and images of each web page on your website. If you have a blog section on your website, make sure that you update it regularly by publishing new and informative content.

Fresh and interactive content appeal to visitors, as well as gives you a lot of opportunities to make use of specific business-related keywords within the new content. The blogs must be written in easy-to-understand and read language without any spelling or grammatical errors.

While blogging, you must avoid keyword stuffing, link baiting and plagiarism. Only insert relevant keywords, images and links within your 100% unique and original content. It will take your website ranking to a whole new level within a few months for sure.

6. Improve Website Speed and Optimize Images

Web users look for immediate website response when browsing or searching for a specific product online. If they have to wait for too long, they will immediately switch to any other website without thinking twice. Therefore, it is important that your website speed is faster. The website speed is also an important factor for search engine robots to award rankings on search results. There are some ways of improving the website loading speed. This can be done by compressing the image and video size, allowing caching and removing unnecessary scripts and plug-ins.

Optimizing the images on your website is also important for better search engine ranking. You must ensure that the image contains proper tile, alt text and description – all containing the relevant keyword or product name. This helps visitors to reach your website by looking at particular images as well.

Nagendra Singh is an Content Strategist at SEO Corporation. His background is in SEO Services, SMO, Online Reputation Management and storytelling.


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