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During passionate Leo season, we can transmute the qualities of the proud and courageous Lion into tangible form. As the zodiac's second fire sign and a stabilizing fixed sign, brave Leo knows how to really go the distance. Ruled by bold Sun, Leo energy is indeed egomaniacal at times, but also reminds us to be fearless in the search for our dreams.


Leo rules the heart and spine, and much like a courageous lion, proudly wears heart on sleeve. The following yoga poses are brave enough us to be vulnerable by opening our heart and extending our spine, helping us to strongly pursue our passions after the Sun's introspective stint in homespun Cancer. For musical inspiration, I recommend the album, "Kill for Love" by the Chromatics to tap into your inner fierceness.

Power Pose: Stargazer
The Sun's stint in Leo marks an opportunity to hone our pride, but also keep our ego in check. This shape finds its foundation through the fingertips and surface edge of the back foot, as the opposite hand reaches for the stars.

Begin on hands and knee joints, warming up the spine with Cat and Cow. From neutral, with the title of t...