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In terms of winning the fight, just hang in there and optimize your items and mega Pokemon squad. After that, use those Golden Razz Berries you just won and start throwing some curveballs. There's an example below of just how you want to aim that special Premier ball to capture Zapdos easily; fast forward to the video's end to see it.


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Your best bet is to grab as many two-kilometer Pokemon Eggs as possible, starting now, and walking around to make sure they hatch before July 24. Best of luck in nabbing this adorable baby Pokemon for your collection.

But the pair was able to whittle down Moltres' health bar to zero in less than two minutes by throttling it with some Golem, a rock-type Pokemon that Pokemon players regularly recommend for these legendary Raid Battles. Since the game's first Mega Pokemon were released, hardcore Pokemon Mega fans have devised strategies that should work with all four, so many already had a sense of what team lineup to use once Moltres rolled out.

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While the rewards vary based on Pokemon online games type for everyone in Chicago, everyo...