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from parvaizmalik at 11. September 2018 10:56 o`clock  ·  Comments: 0
A picnic can be a lot of fun when you do some forward planning to come up with some suitable picnic food ideas. By choosing the rights types of food and asking the people attending to bring the various selection of foods, you will avoid double ups and ensure you have a good range of delicious picnic foods to enjoy.


Unless of course you are having a BBQ picnic, bring food that can be eaten cold. In that regard, nibbles are easy as there is a plethora of cold nibbles you can bring such as dips, cheese, pate or antipasta. A mixed plate of cut sandwiches or rolls will be popular at a picnic. Make the fillings gourmet such as chicken and chive, or salami, sundried tomato & roasted capsicum or perhaps ham & brie. Other picnic food ideas include marinated cooked meats, frittatas and salads which can all be made in advance. For sweet options, choose food that can be eaten cold such as muffins, cakes and tarts