Why choose solar lights for commercial property?

Written by outdoorsolar on 11. January 2019 02:31 o'clock


One of the most economical ways for enhancing the appearance of your commercial property is by investing in good outdoor solar lamps. The outdoor solar lamps are cheap to install, enhance the aesthetic appeal of the exterior, and useful in upgrading the safety of the building at night.


The outdoor  Cree solar lights don't need wire for installation and thus, offer flexibility for installing them anywhere you want and charge them using the direct sunlight without depending on the off-grid power source.

Why and How to Select Solar Lights

When planning to upgrade the outdoor area of your commercial property, solar lights are perfect for complementing any urban exterior decor. You get many options to choose from solar accent lights, solar pillar lights, solar path lighting, and solar spotlights. Each type comes in various colors and styles.

Components of solar lights:

Solar Panel: It is used for absorbing energy directly from the sun and further converts it into electrical power. However, the quality, size, and transparency of the panel also play important role in its effectiveness.

Battery: A solar panel is connected to a rechargeable battery, which stores energy for powering the electric bulbs with electricity. The NiMH batteries are frequently used due to their better quality and eco-friendly design and nature.

Lights: Many solar lights incorporate LED lights that are brighter, smaller, and able to last longer compared to incandescent bulbs. The LED lights can further emit a blue hue in the form of light compared to the yellow tint produced by an incandescent bulb. The LED bulbs also run for more than 100,000 hours compared to incandescent bulbs that often last for nearly 3,000 hours. In certain security solar lamps, halogen bulbs are added with LEDs for increasing their light intensity.

Wiring: For an outdoor solar lamp, good internal wiring is necessary to make it last longer and illuminate brighter.

Benefits of solar lights in commercial property:

1. Solar lamps last longer: Compared to old-fashioned bulbs, the LED solar lights like solar nighthawk light are able to last much longer. The solar lamps can also withstand heavy rainfall, snow, and other extreme climatic conditions. These lights also help in saving energy costs and hence, are profitable for your business.

2. Self-powered: The solar lighting doesn't require a grid system for energy. These are self-powered and can be easily installed to your commercial property. They absorb direct sunlight in the daytime and use that energy for producing light at night.

3. Motion-activated solar lights: The motion-activated solar lamps are great for cutting down the cost of energy bills. These lighting solutions rely on infrared technology for identifying people passing through specific areas. On detecting motion, the sensor triggers the light to turn on and it switches off automatically if there is no activity in the particular area. This way it saves your cost on energy that's wasted when no one is utilizing a specific area. These sensor-embedded lights are great for many businesses that run 24/7 while other business firms can also make use of these hi-tech lighting solutions.


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