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Best Homestays In Goa | Famous Homestays In Goa | Beautiful Luxury Houses: Goa is a small Union Territory in India. This city has a strong Portugal charm due to colonial rule. This beautiful town has many homestays in Goa which provide a lovesome environment, unlike the reserved stays one has in a hotel. The homestay in Goa is not only comfortable but also offer bliss for the visitors. Here we provide the best information regarding best homestays in Goa below:
Best Homestays In Goa | Famous Homestays In Goa | Beautiful Luxury Houses

1. Casa Menezes
The house has a soupcon of Portuguese architecture and still holds onto that chastity. Casa Menezes located in a small village which takes a few hours from Panjim. The village has a slow life where everyone has their own stride of doing things. Casa Menezes stay is a lovely house and lined by oak trees where the birds sit to sing their daily songs with a...
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Rajasthan Holi Festival 2019-2020 | Best Indian Festivals | India Holi tour packages: The Holi festival memorializes the victory of good over the demon, especially the flaming and devastation of an asura named Holika. This was made possible with the help of Hindu god of conservation, Lord Vishnu.

Holi got its name as the Dola Jatra from the childhood jester of Lord Krishna, a spiritual rebirth of God Vishnu, who liked to play jokes on the village girls by soaking them in water and colors. In various parts of India, Holi is celebrated as a spring festival to provide Thanksgiving for an ample crop season.

Every state celebrates Holi in their own way as per their ritual. Usually, the solemnization starts with the Holika balefire on the previous evening of Holi where people assemble together and enjoy the e...

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Top 5 Best Honeymoon Destinations In Himachal | Honeymoon Tour Planner | Honeymoon Tour Package: - The snow-crowned mountains, cool hilltops, lavish green slopes, adventturous highways and a lot of romance is what makes up Himachal Pradesh. There are some romantic places in Himachal that take you by admire and makes your honeymoon trip more romantic with good memories for your life. Here, we've listed top 5 best honeymoon destinations in Himachal for your knowledge.


1. Chail

Chail is one of the beautiful hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. This place is situated little away from the capital Shimla. This pretty city draped in the arms of gliding trees of Himalayan cedar is at an elevation of about 2444 meters. One can luxuriate in adventurous activities like ro...