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Surrogacy has now become legal and this has opened new doors of opportunities for the couples who are facing problems in conceiving. For them surrogacy can do wonders as it gives them the chance to enjoy parenthood and that too without any problem. But taking this decision can be tough because not everyone agrees to go for it especially the family members. That is why it becomes all the more necessary to seek the advice of everyone is the family and feel comfortable while going for the process of surrogacy.


Once you have decided to opt for surrogacy, the next thing is to find the right centre for it. You might come across many centres of surrogacy but Matrika Medicare is a reputed surrogacy centre in India. Apart from offering surrogacy services, it provides IVF treatment, helps you with the egg donation program and other related treatments. Thus you can look forward to many services thereby receiving the right consultation you have been looking for.

When you have decided to which centre you ...

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IVF is a process of artificial fertilization which takes place outside the body. In this, the female's egg and male sperms are collected and then allowed to fuse in a dish. This is kept in a lab where a perfect environment similar to the mother's womb is created so that it results into an embryo. Once the same starts showing the cell division, the embryo is transplanted back into the female's uterus. Now the further development of the embryo takes places within the body in a natural way. During this time the female has to go through a lot of medications to ensure that the results are successful.


The rate of success highly depends on the IVF clinic that you connect with and the infertility expert too. Dr Shivani Sachdev is not just the best IVF specialist in Delhi but is highly experienced and treated patients of other countries too. Couples from US and Australia come to seek her advice and try IVF treatment under her guidance. There is no doubt that she is a part of the top ivf hospital in Delhi offering top-no...

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Egg donation is something that has really helped the couples to enjoy parenthood. Women who are facing issues with their poor quality eggs or have irregular periods due to which they are unable to conceive, egg donors can be a good choice. You just have to connect with a trusted egg donation agency and you can then select the right donor of you. If she is ready to help you, the details will be checked like the medical history and other records. Once the confirmation from the medical team comes, the process can be started.


So to get positive results you need to well assure that you have opted for the right and best egg donation clinic in India. There are lots of ways to do the same as you can get recommendations from the people, can go online and grab information about the top centres, check out the reviews etc. With all the information in hand, you will be able to make a wise choice and locate the best centre for egg donation treatment in India.

Egg Donation Program

This is a special kind of program which ca...

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IVF has emerged as one of the finest processes for everyone who wishes to combat infertility. Infertility is the state when the woman cannot get pregnant due to several reasons. In some cases it is critical to find the reason and the same remains unexplained. In these cases too IVF works really well as the root cause is not identified. If you too are of them who have tried everything and no treatment is showing the results then IVF can be very helpful for them. Through this process the couples can get a chance to embrace parenthood if things move in the right direction.


But you might be thinking as how one can go about for this process. If you want to know more on this then here is a small yet useful guide for you. Know more-