Psyonix has arise that new agreeable will be accession

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While Rocket League has been cross-platform for some time – at atomic amid PS4/PC/Nintendo Switch and Xbox/PC/Nintendo Switch – players on altered platforms accept no way to Rocket League Items absolutely collaborate with ceremony added or accompany the above games.Fortunately that's all set to change this summer if cross-platform affair abutment will be advancing to the bold as allotment of the Summer Roadmap.

Before that however,Psyonix has arise that new agreeable will be accession to ( the bold in May including a cast new Arena,the alpha of Aggressive Division 8,the supply of aggressive Division 7 Rewards,as able-bodied as new in-game music.In June even added agreeable will be advancing such as a new,summer-themed in-game Event,fan rewards from the RLCS Division 5 World Championship,and assuredly a new Accountant Exceptional DLC.Data of the DLC are to arise soon.

As for the capital summer content,to bless Rocket League's ceremony a big Ceremony in-game Accident with "throwback content" for abiding admirers will become available,as able-bodied as Cross-Platform Accompany & Parties.


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