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The word playground is a bit of a blanket term and can apply to a lot of different things. Playgrounds can be at schools, parks, zoos, camps, casinos, dog parks, on streets, on cruise ships, rooftops, and even out in the wilderness. Not only do playgrounds vary by location but they can have different materials, purposes and functions.


It was at the beginning of the 19th century that an outdoor play and exercise training program began in Germany. The ideas behind it were extended by a group of people in the Jahn gymnastic associations. They were the ones to organize the very first system of a school play. This was organized with very deliberate motivations. They were doing it for the sake of health and physical fitness, but also more nationalistic reasons. It became a part of developing the fitness of young men for service in the military, and for women to be mothers. They also hoped it would reduce the amount of