Path of Exile Acts

Written by greenycao on 11. March 2019 10:10 o'clock


Path of Exile's world includes shared encampments where players can meet and group up, together with instanced areas to tackle solo or as part of friends. The actual multiplayer is online-only, but Grinding Gear lets us know they'd wish to add local multiplayer at some point in the near future. The nstanced areas are randomly generated, so levels will vary every time you play. Originally, Path of Exile was made up of four Acts and multiple difficulty levels per act – a casino game structure dependant on Diablo. With the Fall of Oriath expansion, the structure has shifted to ensure players no longer should move through difficulty levels in order to achieve higher difficulties. Instead, Grinding Gear decided to add six new acts on top in the original four acts, in excess of doubling the size on the game.
The plan should be to keep adding content like the modern acts to the experience instead of making sequels. That way, players won't lose their characters, time, or money like they typically would when moving over into a sequel.
We sampled a few of the new acts, and below are a few details.
A new section by the end of Act 4 bridges this act together with the next one. Players will climb a mountainous region to locate a magical machine that teleports them back towards the homeland from where they were exiled (hence the overall game's title).
Act 5, the very first new chapter added in the most recent expansion, sees your character returning on the city that exiled him or her so as to exact justice. This act involves a visit on the Torched Courts. Your hero has accidentally released the gods from the world, once locked in check with a divine creature known as the Beast. This features a destructive domino influence on the rest with the game world.
Acts 6 through 10 primarily involve revisiting areas from the initial portion in the game which have changed since the very first time you explored them. Naturally, they include new areas, enemies, and items – let alone increased difficulty. Twenty-four new boss fights spread across the newest acts further ratchet in the challenge.
In Act 6, we visited the Brine King's Reef, a place from Act 1 which includes undergone many changes. The grotesque water and sand-based enemies include Animated Reefs, Sand Strikers (mud men), and Brine Vassals (octopus monsters merged with human skeletons). This act showcases Path of Exile's gorgeous water effects, which are already significantly improved considering that the initial PC launch.
The Brine King's Reef ends which has a boss fight up against the Brine King himself. Upon reaching the throne, players encounter a mermaid they met earlier in the action. A haunted amulet she found has corrupted her body, transforming her in to a huge monster known as the Brine King. The big boss summons lobster-like minions and at last creates a tunnel of water throughout the area that players must avoid. It's a visually impressive and exciting boss battle.


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