Rejuvenating and stimulating gems for rings

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Usually people opt for diamond rings as engagement rings but there are other very attractive and elegant looking gems that can also be chosen to express their love.


Among gemstones other than diamond are the moonstone and morganite which not only look beautiful but have various other inherent metaphysical properties.

Presenting moonstone engagement ring or a morganite engagement ring to your would-be-spouse can prove beneficial for them.

Moonstone engagement ring

Moonstone is a popular gemstone variety of orthoclase mineral family of feldspars.

It is known to exhibit distinct sheen under certain lighting conditions known as adularescence.

The opalescent moonstone comes in various forms i.e. from colorless to pink, peach, blue, grey, green, yellow and brown.

Moonstone with its luminous beauty and classic gray-white color makes an excellent and elegant choice for a moonstone engagement ring.

Reasons for preferring Moonstone engagement ring

Wearing elegant moonstone engagement ring is believed to have soothing influence on individuals.

Being a balancing stone, it has relaxing effects and instills feeling of composure, stability and emotional balance.

Since, moonstone is linked to the feminine energies, it amplifies intuitions and brings equilibrium to their emotional and rational sides.

Crowned as a sparkling gem for lovers' passion and a crystal for fidelity, the moonstone engagement ring will be an added assurance of true love and truthfulness in relations.

Moonstone is regarded as a powerful gem with diverse healing effects. Clearer the gem, more will be its colorful luster and stronger healing powers.

Apart from being a stone of protection for traveling at night, voyaging at sea, childbirth, and pregnancy, it also cleanses the digestive system and cures obesity, water retention, and menstrual problems.

Types of moonstone engagement ring

Like diamond and other gems, you can buy the moonstone engagement ring in various shapes and sizes.

A gold moonstone engagement ring studded with diamonds will be ideal for expressing your affection and commitment.

The 14k rosé gold solitaire ring and halo setting intensify the icy white color of the diamonds.

A moonstone engagement ring with square cut design and beautiful beaming rainbow moonstone with white topaz in shining silver is truly eye-catcher.

Customized diamond studded moonstone engagement rings and wedding bands in geometrical or cluster designs complement well with gold setting.

Morganite engagement ring

Like emerald and aquamarine, pale and peachy pink morganite gem also belong to beryl mineral family. Morganite is an alluring gem which being affordable, is considered as an alternative to pink diamond.

Morganite due to its high degree of brilliance, excellent durability and mesmerizing enchanting shades, can be considered for making morganite engagement ring for your would-be-spouse.

Properties of morganite gem

Morganite is a beautiful gemstone that is bestowed with energies for healing, compassion and fulfilling promises.

Pink morganite helps healing old wounds and hidden emotional traumas besides reviving and rejuvenating mind, heart and soul.

Morganite engagement ring is a symbol of assurance and trust for individuals in love and getting engaged to enter into a new relationship.

Designs of morganite engagement rings

Morganite rings made up of gold or rose gold with a peach crown are ideal for making engagement rings.

Flower or pear shaped, art deco morganite engagement ring is worth presenting on engagement day.

A 14k rose gold oval morganite engagement ring in cluster form can be the most memorable gift for your fiancé.

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