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Usually people opt for diamond rings as engagement rings but there are other very attractive and elegant looking gems that can also be chosen to express their love.


Among gemstones other than diamond are the moonstone and morganite which not only look beautiful but have various other inherent metaphysical properties.

Presenting moonstone engagement ring or a morganite engagement ring to your would-be-spouse can prove beneficial for them.

Moonstone engagement ring

Moonstone is a popular gemstone variety of orthoclase mineral family of feldspars.

It is known to exhibit distinct sheen under certain lighting conditions known as adularescence.

The opalescent moonstone comes in various forms i.e. from colorless to pink, peach, blue, grey, green, yellow and brown.

Moonstone with its luminous beauty and classic gray-white color makes an excellent and elegant choice for a moonstone engagement ring.

Reasons for preferring Moonstone engagement ring