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• Are tile levelers worth it?

Lippage Tile Leveling System is a time and money saver, plain and simple. The use of the leveling system will produce a flat surface on a wide variety of substrates without the need for spacers or shims of varied sizes. They are sized to create an even grout junction as well.

• Does a tile leveling system accept spacers?

As far as cost-effectiveness is concerned, it is the most cost-effective installation approach available. There are two clip sizes available for the Lippage Tile Leveling System: 1/16′′ and 1/8′′.

• Can floor tiles be laid without spacers?

The tile will absorb all of the lateral movement if there are no spacers, which will result in fractured tiles. When installing floor tiles, leveling spacers are not required.

• What may I use in place of tile spacers?

Avoid using plastic leveling spacers when installing tile. Instead, use pennies as lev...