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We all heard about the Private Limited Company. These types of organizations exist all over the World for all types of businesses. We have them in India, also. Let's take a short dive into this subject.

What is Called Private Company?
With the help of some people, anyone can start a Private Company. It is a small or medium business body consists of some limited numbers of people. If anyone wants to start small or medium volume business, they can easily incorporate their own Private Company in India.

Forming a Private Limited Company is quite easy and simple. You need to meet certain criteria in order to make your business a Private Limited Company.

Requirements of Pvt Ltd Company Registration

Membership and Directorship
As you already know that a minimum of 2 stakeholders and Two Directors are, require to start a Private Limited Company. As it is a small business entity, you cannot make the numbers of total members or shareholders more than 200.

Minimum Capital to Start
We already mentioned that you needed to maintain a sum of minimum?100...

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The core business activity of a nidhi company is to borrow and lend money to its members only. A nidhi company can take deposits from its members and offer money to them. One Click Business Solutions Pvt Ltd has a team of passionate and highly experienced professionals to offer nidhi company registration service.


We help growing entrepreneurs to process their nidhi company registration documents accurately and perform the registration process in fastest and hassle-free ways. Our experts have in-depth experience to provide multiple services like income tax registration of different businesses like private, public, trust, society, GST registration etc. We're here to help you start, run and grow your nidhi limited company in short time in financial sector.

We are aware of nidhi company registration online procedure to make the registration process in fastest way. At One Click Business Solutions Private Limited, we use state- of-the-art technology and our experts are well-experienced with Tally, MS...