Moonlight Blade se confirme en version occidentale

Written by Bale on 11. August 2018 05:04 o'clock


If Moonlight Blade was launched in Asia earlier this year, a Western version of the martial arts MMO is still waiting. Nevertheless, it is confirmed in Nexon's location plan.
Moonlight Blade is confirmed in Western version.Signed by giant Tencent's teams, Moonlight Blade is presented as a major MMO, based on the traditional codes of wuxia and martial arts, while immersing players in a (very) vast open, evolving and dynamic universe. The MMORPG was launched in China earlier this year and since then Tencent has been developing Moonlight Blade Mobile, the mobile version of the license.


But what about a western version of the PC version of Maplestory M Mesos ? It has been mentioned for a long time, more or less directly - it was especially in the context of the studio's Carnival Day in January 2017, in cooperation with Nexon. And the project seems to materialize today as part of the presentation of its quarterly accounts, Nexon lists its upcoming releases in Korea, China or Japan, but also in Maplestory Mobile Mesos .

And among these Western releases, there are several large mobile games (MARVEL Battle Lines, OverHIT or Durango, among others), but also PC MMOs like MapleStory 2 (which is currently the subject of Western beta tests and that we are now waiting in commercial version) so that Moonlight Blade. No launch date is specified at this stage, but in terms of the timeline, it is obviously the case of a few months.


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