Lasik Eye Doctor AZ – the complications of Lasik Eye Treatment

Written by Arizonalasik on 3. January 2019 07:58 o'clock


Lasik surgery is one of the most advanced medical procedures in the world. It involves the correction of a refractive error that occurs in the corneal tissue of the eye.Basically, the procedure involves the use of laser technology to improve an individual's vision. The laser is used to change the shape of the corneal tissue ? basically the outer part of the eye. Through this the focus of the retina is improved hence allowing it to accurately perceive objects. The procedure has further been divided into other micro-procedures such as LASEK, PRK and Epi-LASIK.

When you choose the best Lasik Eye Clinic Mesa a Lasik procedure will be very fast and the visual improvement can be manifest in merely a day or two, in addition to that, the procedure is basically risk free when done by a skilled and experienced Lasik eye surgeon.However, like any other medical surgery, Lasik has got its own complications when things go south. So, as a potential patient you need to weigh your options by checking the benefits and the risks of the procedure before deciding to go through with the procedure. Here is a list of the few risks that may come with Lasik surgery.

Complications relating to the flap

Lasik surgeries involve the surgeon creating a small flap on the cornea. This flap is created by a handled device ? the microkeratome or a unique laser. The flap is therefore lifted in order to expose the cornea's underlying tissues. Laser is then directed to the tissues and the flap is later on replaced.The flap created may be of different thickness, thinness and edges hence will make it hard for the surgery to heal. For this reasons there will be need to correct the complication through a second surgery.


Most surgical procedures incurs a risk of infection and in this way Lasik has no exception. Though it is good to know that infections after Lasik surgery is extremely rare, however, some patients will experience cases of their eyes reddening and oozing. These are regarded as eye infections. These kind of infections can be treated using certain eye drops or antibiotics.

Dry eye

This is a condition where someone feels likes that he or her eyes are dry, scratchy or painful. This procedure may cause your eyes to get dry or this condition may be as a result of the patient having dry eyes way before the surgery. Dry eyes can not only be uncomfortable but also very dangerous and be treated by certain eye drops or artificial tears.

Under-correction or over correction

Even though the technologies used to conduct these procedure are very advances there is need to use a specific amount of laser and for this reason the cornea may not be shaped correctly. In case there eye surgeon remove more or very little corneal tissues you may not get the 20/20 visual improvement success. Therefore, there might be an over or under correction. Most surgeons will not charge you for an eye correction.


Before undergoing any medical procedure you need to understand the risk involved then make the ultimate decision. When it comes to Lasik surgery has the best Lasik Eye Clinic Glendale.


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