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Tomorrow, September 19, marks 3 years of the 2017 earthquake and 35 years of the 1985 earthquake ; both have remained in the national memory for their high impact both in deaths and in building collapses.


One of the main lessons that this type of event has left is to support homes against the damage of an earthquake , which is why many people turned to see home insurance. However, only 6.7% of households in Mexico are insured , according to the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS).

Likewise, the Association comments that this is worrying, since 41% of the Mexican territory is vulnerable to this type of natural phenomenon and about 31% are vulnerable, since many people live in high-risk places such as volcanoes, geological faults and coasts.

"Due to the variety of Mexican geography and its climates, practically all regions are at constant risk from disasters such as: hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, landslides, tornadoes, etc. Therefore, insurance should be seen more as a necessity than an expense, "said Iñaki Pérez, Director and co-founder of Ahorra Seguros, a specialized ins...

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Many times real estate marketing is confused with real estate sales. That is why it is extremely important to know that the objective of real estate marketing is a tool that aims to help you sell real estate quickly and easily. They are all the activities that a real estate agent carries out in order to make contact with potential investors.
But how is this effective tool exercised?


1.- Contents.

They work to provide potential clients with data and additional necessary information to strengthen their decision in the purchase or rental of any property or real estate. It is important that it is of quality, distributed for free. It helps the advisor through reports, guides, mailings, not only positioning himself as an expert in the market, but also advising his client on the veracity of the information.

Also a help in terms of content is to rely on pages specialized in the real estate market.

2.- Video.

As technology advances the way marketing is carried out as well; This is one of the favorite methods of investors, since in a short time you can get to see what a property looks like, its distribut...

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Every real estate professional is aimed at providing the best results for both the agency they work for and their clients, which is why, to achieve this, it is important to consider using programs that can help administer and manage your property portfolio.


There are different programs (softwares) that allow solving various aspects of the property management process; among them, control the collection and payment of rents, in different currencies, concentrate customer information (documents) in a secure way, report generate personalized reports and measure KPIs.

There are five alternatives that circulate in the market, which offer an important list of attributes with which any real estate professional can benefit; Lamudi.com.mx describes them below:

In an easy, intuitive and parameterizable way, BREAL is a solution created for large portfolio volumes, where a real estate broker, a group of investors, franchises and experienced tenants can confidently manage all their assets in a centralized and efficient way.

Within their plans are listed some options that facilitate the operation of these: requ...

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An expert witness is someone who, through education, experience, or a combination of the two, has knowledge that can inform those responsible for making decisions about standards of nursing practice. Ophthalmology Expert Witness may be called upon to give testimony during inquiries, hearings and trials. Expert testimony is most often sought in cases of medical negligence by nurses to establish what standards are reasonable in the circumstances and whether the nursing care provided met those standards. Expert witnesses may be asked to give their opinion on hypothetical issues, in a particular area, and to say whether they believe a particular behavior is appropriate or reasonable in certain circumstances.


How are expert witnesses paid?
As an expert witness, you are entitled to reasonable remuneration for your services. Before agreeing to take on this role, you should ask the lawyer retaining you for a written contract that states what is expected of you and clearly indicates what fees you will be paid and what th...

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The global lockdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) led to a massive drop in carbon emissions. In addition to the fall in industrial production and the closure of transport, the new commitments of some countries such as Japan and Chile also contributed to reducing carbon footprints.
I believe that the desire to unite and participate in collective activities will continue. People still yearn for "meetings with friends, trips, sports activities, family visits, going to the movies and plays, concerts, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, resorts" and the like, the expert reiterated, even after the pandemic has faded, people can change their behavior and habits.

As the lockdown forced people to stay indoors to stop the spread of COVID-19, social distancing meant that many of us have not been able to see or feel our loved ones.
By trying to adapt to changing routines, we also try to ensure our emotional well-being and in this process, uncertainty and loss of a sense of control can lead to increased anxiety, panic and depression, adding that those feelings especially affect people who are battling the v...
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Just tattooed, I must not expose myself to the sun
True. If the tattoo is recent, your vacation will unfortunately need to happen ... within the shade. The tattoo creates a wound which must therefore heal gently. The time required depends on the tattooed area (in the fold of the arm, healing will take longer thanks to frequent movements for example) and therefore the skin of every, but it takes on the average 5 to six days until fortnight. Sun can impair healing, because pain on raw skin, burns, and in some cases even swelling. The pigments of the tattoo, especially for light colors, also are likely to degrade. If there's no shade around, wear a loose, thick t-shirt to avoid chafing and like cotton. Synthetics irritate the skin.
Barely tattooed, I can bathe with a bandage


False. A compress (or bandage) surrounded by a transparent film to guard the tattoo from water may be a very bad idea. like any wound, open-air healing is preferable, and while many tattoo artists recommend this sort of dressing once you leave their salon, it's just for the primary few hours after their surgery. By placing a compres...

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It spanned quite 200 acres, had about 360 greenhouses, and by the time several enforcement officers arrived, 104 people were growing quite 114,000 marijuana plants. It took three days to destroy one among the most important illegal cannabis plantations in Southern California, a symbol that the drug traffickers still cash in of the business despite the legalization of weed.
Only an aerial photograph could cover the whole field, which was hidden behind the facade of a legitimate hemp operation in Blythe, marijuana dispensary palm desert town on the border between California and Arizona, whose local economy has flourished precisely due to the decriminalization of the herb in January of 2018.
The marijuana plants that the authorities uprooted on May 20 near Palo Verde College represent 11% of what was seized altogether of 2019 within the state forests, where the farmers of two Mexican cartels still operate, that of Sinaloa and Jalisco Nueva. Generation (CJNG).
At the top of the operation in Blythe, 104 people were arrested, of w...
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Compass rose tattoos are around for many years. For many of that point, this design was the domain of sailors who wore their tattoos for various reasons. Among the foremost prominent, sailors believed that a compass rose tattoo would bring them good luck and ensure their return to shore alive. Considering the tough lives of those sailors, with unpredictable seas, malnutrition, and other dangers, some luck was needed.


The compass as a compass rose
Compass roses tend to follow a basic design. The four cardinal directions of north, south, east, and west are placed in their proper positions around a circular base. the inside of the rose is usually crammed with an ornate star believed to symbolize the Polaris , the most navigational tool used for hundreds of years by people to guide themselves from point to point.
Over the years these designs are fairly basic, and for the foremost part they were drawn from old maps and records. Typical ink colors won't to create these tattoos generally included basic blues, browns, grays, and blacks. Today many talented and imaginative tattoo artists are giving this tradi...

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Cell phones these days have become important than expected PCs. A large number of us do the greater part of our work on this device. The cell phones developing handling power like 6GB RAM, 2TB capacity (expandable, however), hecta-center processors, and all the more also are transforming them into virtual forces to be reckoned with. Which among these are the absolute best cell phones accessible in India at this moment? And if you are running out the space, you have the option of wireless external hard drives. Our rundown underneath positions the top cell phones are accessible in the nation across value classes. These are the cell phones that not just gloat of first-class determinations in their value portion, however their presentation (in many divisions) to coordinates their amazing specs. Here's our pick of the best smartphones.
iPhone XS MAX
Considered the best iPhone Apple has ever constructed, iPhone XS Max is a strong overhaul on the iPhone X. It conveys an unparalleled presentation and wonderful plan. In the camera division, it has a Smart HDR include that adds more features and subtleties to the pictures. The cell phone a...